The Partnership

Hampton Mission Partnership was formed in July 2019 by Hampton Methodist Church and Hampton Baptist Church coming together in response to God’s calling. We believe that at a future point God will guide us to become a Local Ecumenical Partnership but until that time we are working together to deliver His work in Hampton.

Our logo represents our calling. A single, unified church built by God from two flames – the Baptist and Methodist Churches in Hampton.

We recognise that there are some things which we do differently but are certain that our belief in the tri-une God and His working within our lives and the community in which we serve is the same. What this means in practise that Hampton Mission Partnership is in fellowship with the Methodist Church’s Teddington Circuit in which its Minister serves and is a Member of Baptists Together (formerly the Baptist Union of Great Britain):

  • Seek to build a deep ecumenical understanding through the sharing of worship and theology. This is worked out through:
  • learning from each other and modelling good ecumenical practices of hospitality;
  • an open and honest dialogue in the life of Hampton Mission Partnership;
  • appropriate recognition and practice of each other’s traditions in respect of Baptism and Communion. We have learned that it is in hearing each other that we hear the mind of Christ.

Therefore we have an “open table” for Holy Communion with non-alcoholic wine and gluten-free bread. These are led by people who are recognised either by the Methodist Conference or Baptists Together. We approach the issue of Baptism in mutual love, understanding and respect holding both Methodist Infant and adult Baptisms, Confirmation services and Baptist Believers Baptisms. We encourage all who worship with us to accept the validity of all of these services.

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Hampton Mission Partnership

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